Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Fairy Glen, Rosemarkie

These are the falls at The Fairy Glen in Rosemarkie on the Black Isle.  I found this little gem when searching for a nice walk to take our little girl and our new puppy.  Situated within 20 minutes drive of Inverness, this was the ideal location.  When I first went to the location in the middle of winter, it was very muddy following a substantial amount of rain in the area.  Rather than attempt the walk along the path at that time, I decided I would come back when the weather improved.

When I returned, the paths were in great condition for a nice walk through the glen.  To get to the falls from the car park takes approximately 20-30 minutes.  The footpath isn't smooth enough to take a push chair along with you as it features some tree roots and small man made steps along the way (see picture right).  That said, it's firm under foot and there are no steep drop-offs to either side of the path.

As well as the falls, there are a few other viewing platforms and area to take breaks along the way.  The glen is classed as an RSPB nature reserve and you could expect to see a number of different types of birds, ducks and small mammals along your walk.  I would suggest allowing approximately 60-90 minutes to walk out to the falls and back.  That would give you time to relax and take in the sights, walking at a leisurely pace.

I took my young dog along with me when I went along.  It was mid-week and there was only a couple of other cars in the car park.  I imagine that the area would be far busier come the weekend, however we only met three other dogs along the way, all of which were well behaved.  The area seems to be well maintained with no signs of irresponsible dog owners if you get my drift!

In summary, I would say that this walk is well worth the short journey North of Inverness.  The ethereal, serene feel to the area has a certain calming effect that makes you forget about the trials of every day life.  Take yourself (and your kids/friends/parents!) along for the ride and make an afternoon of it.

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